SU2G Podcast Episode 2: Destined Legend, Drew Mitchell

In my second podcast episode, I interview the first personal trainer I ever had, Drew Mitchell. Aside from personal training, Mitchell has competed in body building competitions, written 4 books that he’s self published and are available on Amazon (links below) and Mitchell hopes to one day make movies based off of the books/scripts he’s written.

In this interview we talk about how the different places Mitchell has lived has impacted his life, his spiritual story and redemption through Christ, his experiences in the fitness industry and where he hopes to go from here with his books and writing. 


Me and Drew back in the day living in Florida, representing the Buckeyes.






Drew praising God for making him a Destined Legend.








Drew Mitchell’s Books available on Amazon:

TrainiN’ the Trainer by Drew Mitchell

Unstoppable: Fate’s Journey of Overcoming the Impossible


BIG Bench Program: How to Increase Your Bench Press by 50 Pounds in 30 Days!

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